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Welcome to our digital projectors site, which provides some background info about digital projectors to help you decide which projector to buy, as well links to some of the best shops for buying a projector. You can also instantly compare digital projector prices at all the best shops by clicking the button below.

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Digital projectors can now produce very high quality images, so you can have your own high quality home cinema, and prices are dropping all the time, making them a good alternative to LCD TVs or plasma TVs for a superb home viewing experience. Modern projectors over pixel perfect sharpness and vibrant colours and projector technology continues to advance very quickly.

Projector screens are relatively cheap and a 100" screen can give a cinema-like experience.

Projectors need the room lights to be turned off to provide a good viewing experience. In daytime light conditions, a TV will provide a better viewing experience.

Projectors can also be great for watching HD TV.

One disadvantage with projectors is that unless you can afford to have a dedicated projector room, then turning on the projector is less convenient than turning on the TV, e.g. you might have to pull down the projector screen each time.

Brands of digital projector include: 3M, Acer, Aiptek, BenQ, Canon, Casio, Eiki, Epson, Hitachi, HP, InFocus, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Themescene, Toshiba, ViewSonic, Vivitek

Popular digital projectors include:
Acer H5360
Optoma hd600x
Optoma HD67

Manufacturers of projector screens include: Optoma

Example Projectors

Optoma HD20
Optoma HD200X

Reasons to Buy a Projector

A projector can provide an immersive viewing experience, unlike a TV. There is nothing like a large wall sized display for home movie viewing.

Investing in a projector will give you years of home entertainment pleasure. Whilst a home projector set-up is not cheap, if you want to watch a lot of films then over time it will work out cheaper than going to the cinema.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using a Projector in a Home Cinema Experience?

You need to have the room available at home to allow a good projector set-up, i.e. more space is required than a TV.

Projectors require darkness to get a good viewing experience. You may need to spend money on blackout blinds to darken the room enough during the daytime.

If you want to watch TV on and off throughout the day, a projector isn't the ideal solution. That's because a projector set-up usually takes a bit more time to switch on and be ready for viewing than a TV, and it is bad for a projector bulb to keep switching it on and off. You are better off having a normal TV for on/off TV viewing, and using a projector just for more prolonged viewing, e.g. watching a DVD.

For DLP/LCD projectors, the projector bulb typically lasts 1,000 to 4,000 hours and will eventually need replacement. However, many people will want to upgrade to a new projector before projector bulb replacement is necessary.

Looking After Your Projector Bulb

Projector bulbs, also referred to as projector lamps, will fail eventually and will need replacing. As they aren't cheap, it makes sense to look after your projector bulb as best you can. This means:

- Allow your projector to power down correctly, i.e. to go through it's full power down routine and go into standby. This will give the fans time to cool down the bulb. If you were to instantly cut power to the projector, the bulb glass gets damaged by high temperatures.

- As a power cut would immediately cut power to your projector, consider buying a battery UPS so that the projector can power down correctly in the event of a power cut.

- Once you have switched off the projector, don't switch it on again for at least half an hour. Switching it back on earlier than this is bad for the projector bulb.

- You will know when your projector lamp is on the way out as lighting performance will fall away and the lamp may start to flicker when you switch the projector on.

- Clean the air filters of the projector so that they can continue to do their job and the projector does not over heat. Check the manual for how often this needs to be done, or do it at least monthly.

Types of Projector

Types of projector include, in alphabetical order:

- 3D projectors
- 3D HD ready projectors
- CRT projectors
- DLP projectors
- HD projectors
- Home cinema projectors
- LCD projectors
- Pico projectors
- Portable projectors
- SVGA projectors
- UWXGA projectors

Projector Features

Lens shift - The lens can correct if your projector has been mounted off centre.

Projector Standards

Projector standards include:

720p resolution

1080p resolution

HDMI 1.4a - An HDMI version that adds standards for 3. See also HDMI definition at Wikipedia.

Optoma 3D-XL Converter Box

This box enables existing DLP projectors to display 3D.

Projector Resolutions

Projector resolutions include:



Projector Attributes

Brightness - in lumens

Contrast ratio, e.g. 3000:1

Technical Terms Relating to Projector Picture Quality

Shadow detail

Contrast ratio

Image noise

Black level

Halo effect

Projector Buyer's Checklist

How big is the projector? Will it fit where you want to put it? Will there be enough space behind the projector for cables?

Check that the projector has no lag if you want to use it for gaming.

Check that the projector has good colours and black levels.

Check that it's easy to place the picture, i.e. the projector has good lens shift capabilities and zoom.

Ways to Mount a Projector

On a shelf on the wall.

Hung upside down from the ceiling. Note, some projectors can get hotter when mounted upside down, in which case the cooling fan may compensate more and the projector can be noisier.

Projector Accessories

Projector accessories include:

Projector screens

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